1. How far do we deliver?

You can have Rubens Pizza delivered fresh to your home if you live anywhere from Corrimal to Berkely.

2. What kind of crust can can I choose from?

We have one thin crust that is artisan crafted for all our pizzas. It is light, healthy and tasty!

3. Are all our ingredients fresh and locally sourced?

All our ingredients are straight from local farmers, and from our Illawarra based distributors. At Rubens Pizza we believe in a fresh food philosophy that is implemented into every food item we sell.

4. Gluten Free, Vegan?

We are happy to announce that at Rubens Pizza we have fresh Gluten Free bases ready to serve, and also we know that you cant have a pizza without cheese. So at Rubens Pizza we also can have any of our pizzas topped with vegan cheese, rather than our speciality mozzarella. 

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